Shut Down Your Teens House Party Before It Begins

May 31st, 2024

When your teenager has an unauthorized, unsupervised party, it can easily turn into a disaster. This is especially true when a large group mixes with alcohol and drugs. Opening the door to a teen party opens the door for accidents, injuries, and liability concerns.

Before home automation technology was made widely available, the best thing a parent could do was ask a neighbor to contact them if any suspicious activity occurred. Sometimes, the police where the ones to make the contact. Fortunately, today’s tech savvy parents in Green Bay, WI can arm themselves with home automation that can see the party when it starts, and shut it down before it gets out of control.

Open communication with your teen and trust in their actions is the key to preventing parties. But home security platforms can help stop a party in progress. Here are a few easy ways to keep control of your home, no matter where you control it from. 

Go The Distance, But Keep A Watchful Eye

Video surveillance is a beautiful thing. It allows you to keep a remote eye on your Green Bay, WI home from wherever you are. The simple fact that you have security cameras in your home can keep your teen from throwing a wild party to begin with. But teenagers don’t often see the big picture, and if a party ensues anyway, you’ll know it. Random visual check-ins and motion-based alerts can help you catch the party in action.

Doorbell cameras and access control functions can also be of assistance. You’ll know if a large number of people are coming and going. When activity is detected, you can view the footage to see exactly who’s there.

Keep Off-Limit Areas Secure

If alcohol and drugs are on the premises, teens might be tempted to partake. This can lead to dire circumstances. Underage teens can be tempted to sneak a parent’s supply, so keep your wet bar locked up. If you take prescription medication, secure the bottles before you leave.

Access control solutions or motion sensors can deter young people from trying to gain access. They can also alert you when someone falls into temptation. Put these devices on liquor and medicine cabinets. This lets you know when someone is heading for something they shouldn’t be into.

Know When It’s Time To Say When

If a party is detected, a smart home and a smartphone can be your saving grace. There are many ways to kill the mood and send teens packing. Be sure you have remote access to the following:

  • Lights – turn them off
  • Thermostats – adjust the temperature to extreme heat or cold
  • Entertainment centers – shut down the music and turn off the TV
  • Alarm systems – sound the alarm

These changes will show your kids that the fun is over. It also makes the home an uncomfortable place to party. If all else fails, contact the authorities in Green Bay, WI to shut down the party in person.