Vandal Proofing Your Security Camera

February 23rd, 2024

Security camera systems in Green Bay, WI can do great justice in capturing crucial images that can be used to improve premise safety as well as restrain unauthorized persons from having entry to certain locations of a premise. However, for security cameras to capture the best images, often they have to be installed in open places where they can cover a wide field of view and ensure that images have the desired level of clarity. Open places make it easy to spot security cameras and that is a setback given that many premise owners mostly want the existence of security systems to be unnoticed since that approach has some significant advantage. If highly aggressive criminals encounter a property, there will be a good chance that any openly visible security camera may be a target to create some possible security flaws. As a property owner in Green Bay, WI, here are some of the things you can consider to try to prevent vandals from smashing your security cameras.

Camera elevation

Raise your security camera high enough to a point where it will mostly escape the attention of any person entering a property. This rule should mostly apply to outdoor cameras and 20 feet is considered a good point - it won't be easy for a security camera system to be smashed with any flying object aimed at it. Only a persistent person can consistently aim for such elevation and if they persist enough, the high elevation and time factor will most likely thwart their efforts. For indoor cameras in Green Bay, WI, a 20 feet elevation may be unrealistic given that many ceilings are at a height which is lower than that. However, you can get creative and place a security camera in a location which can hide it from sight.

House your security camera in vandal proof casings

A vandal proof casing may not be total 'vandal proo' but it can do a great job in reducing any damage that might be caused by an object aimed at your security camera. Only go for vandal proof casings that can handle high-level impacts and materials such as hardened steel can be a good option.

Consider creative camera placement

Some criminals are well-calculated. Instead of attempting to physically damage a security system, they only interest is how they can only avoid getting recorded or evade any alarm that may indicate their presence. Such criminals often succeed if they aware of the Green Bay locations in which security camera systems exist. You should channel much of your efforts into making your security camera unnoticeable. If such objective is impossible to achieve, then you can place a security camera in a location that makes any person with ill intent to intensively question their intents.

In instances you find it tough to apply any of the mentioned technique on your own, you can do yourself a great favor by involving security camera installation experts in Green Bay, WI. You should only hire persons who have immense experience in this line of work since they can go further to advise you on some other vital ways which can enhance your premise security by making your security camera system vandal proof.