How Biometrics And AI Will Advance Security

December 17th, 2021

Security technology is expanding at a rapid pace. Two of the most important are biometrics and AI. Together, these technologies will increase the level of security features available for businesses around Green Bay, WI. However, as these are newer technologies, it can be difficult to understand they work and how they will interface with current security technologies. Here is a basic explanation of these technologies and how they can help provide your organization with heightened security.

What Are Biometrics?

In the broadest sense of the term, biometrics are a measurement and analysis of the unique characteristics of a person. These characteristics can include physical characteristics like height, fingerprints, and facial features. They can also include behavioral characteristics like how some walks or talks. Biometric measurements have been around for centuries. Signatures and fingerprints have been used to help maintain different identities. Now with advanced technology though, biometric data can be collected, measured, and analyzed on a massive scale.

Biometrics In Security

Biometric data is used by security professionals to help identify individuals. This data can be used in two ways. The first, is to help identify individuals for authorization and access within a facility. The second, is to identify criminals. Currently the most common biometric technologies in security are:

  • Fingerprints: As no two fingerprints are the same, this is an easy way to identify individuals. Fingerprint technology uses scanners that can either image the fingerprint or scan the valleys and ridges creating a fingerprint map.
  • Facial Recognition: Facial recognition has made major advancements in recent years. Facial recognition uses a cameras and scanners to match your unique facial characteristics to information kept in a database.
  • Iris Recognition: Irises are also wholly unique to an individual and unlike other biometrics are harder to recreate. Iris recognition uses cameras and sensors to scan the irises of the eyes and compare them to a database.

Many of these technologies are already being used by businesses in Green Bay, WI, however they are becoming more and more sophisticated.

How Biometrics Will Interact With AI

Biometric security technology requires a lot of data collection and analysis. Manually collecting and analyzing this data is very time consuming. So even when organizations can afford to implement the technology, they are still paying for many hours of manpower. AI programs will be able to disseminate this information very quickly. AI uses complex algorithms that “learn” the more data that is collected. This will help streamline the processing of biometric data and allow it to be more efficiently and effectively used in security.

Currently, this technology is still developing and can be expensive to implement. However, as this technology advances, it is becoming much more affordable. Business in Green Bay, WI that have a need for a high level of security will soon be able to utilize this technology, integrated into their current systems. Adding to physical security features like video surveillance, motion detection, and alarm systems, these technologies will offer layered protection to keep any business safe from both internal and external threats.