Common Surveillance Mistakes That Can Make Security Seem To Be Worthless

March 1st, 2024

Security in Green Bay, WI is huge issue in any location that holds anything that is of significant value. Meanwhile, criminals are never giving up in their quest to find loopholes that can make surveillance systems vulnerable to security hacks and a host of other malicious attacks. Making sure that a security surveillance camera is working properly may seem like a very obvious task. However, the problem is that criminals are ever ahead when it comes to discovering flaws that can bring security into jeopardy. As a premise owner, you should exercise vigilance and identify some of the potential threats to your security system. Businesses in Green Bay, WI must ensure that their security systems are functioning accordingly, and that is a task that should regularly be confirmed. Here are some common mistakes that can exist in a security system and how they can be avoided.

Cameras not working

Cameras are an important part of any security system for a home or business. It is through the recorded images that a person can know whether a premise is safe or under security compromise. Non-functioning cameras are a huge problem and can be exploited by criminals to gain entry to restricted premises. Cameras can stop functioning if there are power outages, or if they are affected by some technical glitch. The only way to confirm whether cameras may be functioning or not is through routine security inspections, and this aspect shouldn't be treated casually.

DVR/NVR not recording

Assume that something important happens in a location, but there is no video recording of it, that can put many things at that location at huge risk in Green Bay, WI . DVR/NVR system may not record videos if the record button is not pressed, if the power goes off or if there is a great tamper with the overall security system. For guaranteed safety, it is ever important to double check whether the DVR/NVR may be recording or not. In instances, recordings are not made, appropriate fixes should be applied.

Security components not all plugged accordingly

Premise safety depends on whether all installed security components may be fully engaged. For instance, cameras unplugged from DVR system may be as good as not having a surveillance camera at all. Always check for DVR-camera connection just to be certain that the security system will be recording the right images of a premise. If NVR is involved, make sure it is connected to its corresponding network and the hard drives all well plugged. Again, the hard drives must have sufficient memory to allow for video capturing without recording over the old image and video footages.

Watch the video resolution

Depending on the DVR/NVR system that is installed in a location, image/video resolution is something that is very important since it is from it that we identify what was taking place at a premise at a given time. Always aim for the clearest video recordings possible you can get while still being able to accommodate large files of video on the hard drive. Again, you must question the location in Green Bay, WI where you have your security surveillance camera installed. The aim is to always prevent unauthorized entry, and that means the security camera system must be at a place that is very strategic.