Multi-Sensor Security Cameras: The PTZ Camera Killer

March 5th, 2024

Pan- Tilt-Zoom cameras were once the most preferred security cameras in Green Bay, WI due to their ability to maximize the coverage of surveillance. They reduced the number of cameras needed by enabling you to easily adjust the field of view as required to properly cover your event space, business or home.

The design of PTZ cameras has many shortcomings. One is that, even though you can move the camera, you will still have many blind spots until the camera is moved. Not to add compensating for movement while the camera tilts or pans. Even though PTZ cameras have improved detection features, video processing features and multiple angles of coverage, chances are that you might still miss an important event or incident in Green Bay, WI. This has however changed with the introduction of multi sensor cameras.

Multi sensor cameras incorporate four separate sensors in a single housing, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a PTZ camera without the need of frequent adjustments or response time issues. All you need to do is to set each of the four sensors to match your specific angles, coverage zones and needs.

A security camera is as valuable as the quality of video it captures. By installing a multi sensor camera, you will enjoy the value of four separate cameras in a single housing. This means you will not miss an event in Green Bay, WI as all the four sensors are used continuously. In addition, most multi sensor cameras easily interface with popular video software as a composite shot or a single panoramic. This allows you to enjoy easier monitoring and lower licensing fees. Rather than scouring different shots for events, you are presented with a single field of view.

If you need to zoom in to see finer details, the sensor for chosen field of view will capture and provide you with a high clarity and the ease of use of a PTZ camera. When you are finished, you just need to go back to the main view for a full picture of the situation.

One of the main benefits of a multi-sensor camera: improved situational awareness. Recognition is the initial step to responding to any emerging event or situation. With PTZ cameras, there are chances that the incident has already happened before the field of view captures any footage. Multi- sensor cameras on the other hand, allow you to see the incident as it occurs, even at different angles, to ensure you all the info needed to take the right action.

Apart from performance, multi-sensor cameras have a lower cost of ownership and are easy to maintain. While PTZ cameras have multiple monitors that need to be maintained regularly, multi-sensor cameras only have one component that requires routine maintenance. Even before using your new multi-sensor cameras, you will realize significant cost savings due to reduced installation costs. This is because there are few units involved, which means less power requirements and networking as well.

There are many benefits of multi-sensor cameras including high quality video capture, improved durability, simpler operation, and reduced installation and maintenance costs. If you are curious how multi-sensors cameras can benefit your home or business in Green Bay, WI, contact us. We are an experienced video surveillance company you can trust.