A Few Tips to Protect Your Home Before Leaving Town

March 4th, 2024

At this time of the year, many are planning vacation trips for the spring or summer time. Most Green Bay, WI homeowners, when planning such trips, end up forgetting some of the important things that are crucial for the safety of our homes. Sometimes, we remember when we are miles away from town and it is too late. But what can you do to ensure that you have the peace mind, even when you are out of town? What safety measures should you take? Here are a few tips to protect your Green Bay home before leaving town:

1. Arm you Security System and Notify you Monitoring Center

Always let your monitoring center know that you will be out of town. This will make them put more emphasize on the security of your place with any alarm alert being responded to immediately. Also, make sure that you have armed the burglary alarm before you go. This will be extremely important since it is always given priority by the service provider in Green Bay, WI.

2. Halt the Mail deliveries

One of the simplest ways a burglar will identify you are out of town is by checking your mailbox. In normal cases, you will be emptying the mail every day or after two days. An accumulation of mail will definitely show you are not around. Making it very important to have your mail held at the post office until you are back in Green Bay, WI.

3. Don't Advertise Your Vacation on Social Media Sites

This one big mistake most of us make. We make it public on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter that we will be out of town. You never know who is snooping on your account and they might get this information and cause havoc once you are gone. Wait to share your vacation updates and photos upon your return.

4. Lock and Secure the Garage

The garage is mostly the main target for many burglars. They know very well that they can gain easy access into your Green Bay home via the garage. Make sure that you have disengaged the garage door opener and confirm that the door going from the garage to your home is closed and locked.

5. Make Sure that the Yard is Properly Maintained

Mowing and landscaping your yard is mostly ignored, but it is a great way to keep your home safe. If you leave the place untidy, burglars will know that you are not home in Green Bay, WI. Make sure that the yard is properly cleaned before leaving.

6. Automate Your Lighting

Burglars are very smart and they will know that you are not home by observing the lighting. If your home goes dark for two days, they will know you are not around. With technology, it is possible to automate the lighting to go on in the evening as if there still someone at home.

7. Hide Your Valuables

Even though you home might be secure, make sure that your valuables are safely kept for any breakins. Lock away the passports, birth certificates, jewelry, and check books among other valuables.

8. Keep the Spare Key Safe

We all have somewhere in the compound that we hid a spare key. In most cases, it is never that "hidden" since it is just underneath one of the potted plants. Bad guys know this, and it will take a few minutes to locate it. Bring it into the home where it is safe.

These are just a few steps to ensure your home is safe when you go on vacation. Please reach out to us today to learn about cutting edge technology to secure your home whether you are on vacation or in your Green Bay home.