The Best Locations for Installing Security Camera Systems in the Office

February 14th, 2024

Security cameras should be installed in Green Bay, WI offices to ensure that employees are properly held accountable regarding their conduct. Most importantly, security cameras can be of huge help in instances when the need may arise to identify masterminds who may participate in unfortunate acts such as theft of office items. Security cameras must be strategically placed within the office environment to ensure that they capture all the important areas. In some instances, the existence of the cameras should go unnoticed especially if knowledge of their presence may bring displeasure in the working environment. If you wish to install security cameras at an office in Green Bay, WI, here the most important locations you should consider.

Reception area

This is the point which many visitors to a firm must likely pass before proceeding to any section. Openly visible surveillance camera system may bring a lot of discomfort to visitors. Thereby, it is necessary to make the camera system meant for the reception to be unnoticeable.

Parking lots

Monitoring open locations in Green Bay, WI such as parking lots can be incredibly easy using EPZ cameras. Parking lots are considered delicate locations since their use inevitable most of the times and these are points often checked when there is a need to have some information about persons who may have entered or left a premise. Cameras that can enable readjustment of the field of view are highly preferred especially in awareness situations. Cameras meant for parking lots should also have number plates recognition feature and enable more premise security monitoring and access.

Break Rooms

These are often the first and the last locations visited by employees when coming and leaving for work. Break rooms are also commonly known as popular disagreement points in many workplace environments. The best camera systems for break rooms should be clock cameras since they are hardly noticeable meaning that they can work without upsetting the employees.

Supply rooms

It is true that many Green Bay, WI businesses do lose a significant amount of resources due to small and sometimes unnoticeable thefts masterminded by rogue employees. Having 360-degrees camera monitoring in supply rooms will ensure that a business takes note of persons who have access to the supply room and such data can be used to hold into accountability the persons who have access to the supply room.

Dumping areas

Dumpsters shouldn’t be overlooked when designing camera surveillance systems. Employees in Green Bay, WI who steal from their employers often prefer to hide stolen items in dumpsters since such locations are least likely to be questioned by management most of the times. Cameras meant for monitoring dumping areas should also have audio recording capability to capture any criminal dealing that may be planned by employees who prefer to engage in illegal acts at this region.

The security cameras you intend to use for office monitoring must have a high-quality functioning and that means that you should not settle for anything other than fine image recordings. Besides, you must keep consistent lighting conditions of any location in Green Bay, WI you wish to monitor and that is the case since lighting plays a significant role in determining the quality of images recorded by surveillance cameras.