Keep Your Business Investments Safe During The Pandemic

March 7th, 2023

Here in Green Bay, WI, we’re now facing the first great historical crisis of the 21st century. The COVID-19 virus is a global pandemic, but, incredibly, it is our country that is the worst hit, despite the illness beginning in China.

For people living and working in Green Bay, WI, this has meant some major changes to both life and career options. Many businesses deemed “non-essential” are now advised to shut down and wait out the virus, to reopen at a later date once medical authorities believe the crisis manageable. If your business is currently locked down, this can mean your property is at risk.

Crime Doesn’t Care About Shelter In Place

Most people are concerned about their health and the medical welfare of their friends and loved ones. As a result, they follow government guidance about sheltering in place and remain at home unless necessary. By doing this, the risk of infection and spreading that infection is dramatically reduced.

Unfortunately, the criminal element is not always going to see the wisdom in medical advice. With many business properties now practically derelict as staff and managers stay home, some criminals see opportunity. Thieves like to reduce risk, and one of the best risk reductions is stealing from a location where it is unlikely for someone to surprise an intruder. The current lockdowns around the country mean most businesses are empty.

Security Still Helps

Business owners, however, always have ways to protect themselves, even if they can’t be operating during regular business hours. One chief reason thieves like to target empty homes and businesses is because if no one is there to respond, the thieves can take as much time as they need searching for valuable objects to loot.

However, a security alarm nullifies this criminal luxury. If your business has an alarm set to go off when an intrusion occurs, this severely limits criminal opportunity. Alarms can be triggered to request security or even police response. This response is usually within minutes of a signal being tripped, meaning a thief doesn’t have the luxury to search at leisure and must be off the property within minutes, or risk arrest.

Cameras See Everything

Security cameras are another good option, especially for people that want to keep an eye on things. A modern security camera can be both wireless and accessible on the Internet. This means that business owners have the option of being able to access security feeds in real-time, as long as they have a device on hand capable of accessing the Internet.

However, convenience aside, the real value of security cameras is as both a deterrent and investigative tool. Criminals are less likely to rob a property with cameras because good high definition cameras can be used by police to help track them down later. They can even be used in court as evidence to get a conviction.

So even if your business is not currently operating here in Green Bay, WI, we can help you to keep it safe. Contact us for more information on how you can have a more secure business property even during this pandemic.