Improving Surveillance with License Plate Recognition

February 16th, 2024

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is one of the perfect ways of screening incoming and outgoing traffic in your Green Bay, WI company. A few years ago, license plate recognition was regarded as a highly advanced security tool only used by law enforcement authorities. However, the improvement of surveillance infrastructure and camera image quality has greatly lowered the price of this surveillance tool, making it readily available and reliable. For businesses in Green Bay, WI that use a dedicated parking area, control access through checkpoints or entry gates, an LPR would prove quite beneficial.

Basic Information about License Plate Recognition

An LPR utilizes video analytic software to perform its functions. Most HD security cameras or over-coax systems can use this feature readily without extensive modification. Once your video surveillance cameras capture a video, the software will scan the video footages for license plate numbers and search for any matches in a database. If a match is found, the system will carry out tasks assigned according to your requirements.

Most people think that an LPR is only used to locate stolen vehicles in Green Bay, WI, capture criminals and gather valuable evidence for convicting the criminals. The truth is that it has other general uses that are beneficial to modern business. For instance, an LPR can be paired with an access system or gate to provide secure access without necessitating for any physical interactions, such as dedicated gatekeepers. When somebody arrives at the gate, the system will scan their plate, compare it to what is in the database, and if a match is found, the gate will open automatically. The system can also be used for recording access times and maintaining accountability.

Factors to Take into Account When Implementing an LPR

The place your security cameras are positioned will highly determine the benefits of your LPR system. It is essential you follow these camera placement tips so that you get comprehensive, clear plate images:

- Work with low angles: Cameras that are mounted high overhead will hamper the ability of the LPR scan plates. Where possible, look for an angle that allows for situational awareness and offers a good view of plates at a common height.

- Improve Your Lighting: If you will be scanning plates at night will be using the LPR in a parking lot in Green Bay, WI, be sure to invest in infrared lighting to improve the quality of your images. If you will use visible lights, ensure you optimize angles to avoid glare or washing out of the details as they approach the camera.

- Install the LPR Camera Closer to the Vehicle: Zooming sometimes introduces noise and artifacts. Even though this may not affect human observation, it may cause problems when it comes to matching the plates to the database. Where possible, consider placing your LPR cameras closer to improve accuracy and ensure optimal detail.

- Design the Camera to Capture Plates Where Speed is Low: To keep the costs of implementing an LPR low and ensure successful matching, design your LPR system to capture plates in areas where speed is slower than 35 MPH.

A License Plate Recognition system is an essential tool for businesses in Green Bay, WI looking to screen incoming and outgoing traffic. To get the most out of an LPR, ensure the installations are done by an experienced Green Bay video surveillance company.