4 Reasons Daycare Facilities Need Cloud Surveillance

June 16th, 2023

Cloud video surveillance offers the daycare industry a simple way to improve its security, liability, and compliance challenges with an ultra-secure off-premise solution.  This can lead to stronger teams, simpler security operations, and more profitable business. This blog post will cover four main cloud advantages for multi-site, multi-user applications.

Benefit #1: Cloud VS Offers Easy Multi-User Management

Cloud video surveillance lets you easily create an unlimited number of users, assigning each person a unique login and password. A new user setup literally takes just a few minutes each. When students or teachers leave your facility, removing users is done simply with the click of a button.

Unlike on-premise solutions that require you to budget how many users and locations you need at the time of install, Cloud VS doesn’t have a limit of sites, cameras, or users. From a channel count perspective, it’s essential to have the flexibility to add cameras over time. Cloud VS makes it easy to scale up – add unlimited cameras, users, and storage as your business grows. Best of all, you only pay for what you need, which is all included in your monthly subscription.


Benefit #2: Cloud VS Offers Permission and Viewing Management

Privacy is an important part of any daycare, and parents should only be able to see the rooms that their child is in during the day and not others. With Cloud VS, you can assign each user-specific permissions by a camera, by day, by daypart to optimize their ability to watch their child, but not giving them access to rooms or parts off the facility that do not apply. It’s simple to set up and customize for each individual user – and it’s all done with the click of your mouse.


Benefit #3: Cloud VS Provides Unlimited Users, Unlimited Viewing

A typical daycare may have one hundred parents (or more) checking in on their children via remote access. This is very hard to do with an on-premise system, especially if one hundred parents try to log in to the recorder at the same time. All those requests require bandwidth to be pulled one hundred times from your site, which your system may not be able to support.

Because each user is viewing the video from the Cloud, you can have unlimited viewing sessions at any given time. The robust, T4 data center handles bandwidth seamlessly, and because the video is being viewed from the Cloud, you eliminate typical bandwidth problems that are present with traditional, on-premise systems. Compared to a traditional system that requires you to add a recorder in every location, Cloud VS stores, and securing your data evidence off-site, providing unlimited users and con-current streaming from a centralized location. Cloud VS removes the burden and complexity of accessibility challenges, with a more secure solution!


Benefit #4: Cloud VS Presents Liability Coverage in the Cloud

Daycare facilities can often become a high-risk liability without a secure video surveillance solution in place. With an off-site cloud solution, daycare owners have the peace of mind of uninterrupted, continuous 24/7 recording. Stored in the Cloud, they can control how long they want to access their footage so that when they need to retrieve video surveillance, they can get it.  This is particularly important when an incident occurs on-site, or their business is audited, and compliance guidelines require them to have immediate access within a disclosed period of time. With Cloud VS, download your data by event, date, or time to your smartphone and send it to parents or authorities within minutes. All footage is triple redundant copied in the data center, so you can be sure it will always be there when you need it.


About Alibi Cloud VS

Alibi Cloud VS is a powerful and cost-effective way to secure your business. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, the Alibi Cloud offers 24/7 surveillance, remote accessibility, and unlimited cameras, users, and locations for an entirely scalable and streamlined solution.

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